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Hello! I'm a pianist, and have taught piano and academic music subjects for over twenty years. I love it, but I have always been intrigued by how energetic modalities enable holistic musical and personal development.

For many years now I have practiced creative writing, Imagework (a great visualisation/meditation type technique), Taichi/Qigong, Access Consciousness, EFT.... I find all these modalities fun and helpful for freeing the mind and stretching the musical/artistic imagination - I have been inspired, recharged, and yes, saved, by these tools many a time, so I think it is ripe now for me to offer them to help others on their journeys.

A special word about EFT, which I think tops them all! It is incredibly simple and elegant, and is just GREAT for dealing with exam and performance stress, overcoming negative beliefs, deal with criticism etc. - the list is endless! I have conducted workshops for my students, and offered them individual help, although they still need to practise piano (lots)!

I am now based in Cambridge, and I teach at the Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts and the Royal College of Music Junior Department. I am planning to devote more time to offer EFT workshops in the Cambridge area, as well as offer coaching to musicians and those working in the performing arts. In individual sessions, I am able to combine, EFT, EMO (Energy in Motion), Imagework and Matrix Reimprinting (an advanced EFT technique).

By the way, I was educated at the Royal College of Music and King's College in London, and hold a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from State University of New York at Stony Brook.

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